About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission

We believe the early years of childhood are the most crucial time for learning and development.  That is why the Academy 4 Early Achievers has created an outstanding program of excellence for the children to learn in a nurtured, healthy, and safe environment. 

Children from all walks of life are encouraged and stimulated to thrive and live up to their absolute potential.  Our expert teachers empower, inspire, and teach traditional values to ensure all the children develop their capabilities as successful learners, confident individuals and have the foundation they need to progress.

We provide a stimulating curriculum with daily educational experiences that promotes independent learning and development.

First Class Facilities

We offer an unrivalled, first class learning facility based in the heart of Clinton Township, Michigan.

Each classroom is purposely designed with several different designated interest areas to maximize the learning experience.


Dynamic and Inspiring Leadership

They always say you ‘never forget a good teacher’.  Well at the Academy 4 Early Achievers you will never forget the whole team.  Our amazing teaching staff believe in each child that walks through the door.  Nurturing, encouraging, and inspiring them to be the best version they can be, our teachers create wonderful relationships to ensure every child succeeds and achieves their potential. 

Ms. Korrin

Director & Education Specialist

“I believe that a great education is the foundation for future happiness and success.  My mission is to inspire, guide and encourage every child to achieve something meaningful and fulfil their potential.  Add in some fun memories and laughter and that is why I do what I do”!