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Our Talented Team

For our talented educators, teaching is not simply a job, but a vocation.  We understand the everyday challenges associated with the role, but that is what inspires us to get up every morning. 

Our teachers give daily the gift of enthusiasm to help develop ideas and help each child progress.  Focused on influencing individual talents, our team beautifully guide each child to ensure every potential is fulfilled.  We fully appreciate that our teachers are the single greatest factor to influence children during the early years of learning and development, therefore we aggressively recruit and retain only the highest quality teaching staff.

Our teaching staff are passionate, innovative and nurturing individuals, committed to both the Academy and the children.  Our teachers thrive off the priceless joys of seeing the children excel and reach their potential.  Every lesson is crafted carefully to ensure the learning and development limits are endless whilst teaching in a warm, fun filled environment.

Child Development Associate (CDA)

All our teachers have the CDA credentials to work with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  This ensures they are qualified and understand how to nurture the emotional, physical, intellectual, and social development in children.

The qualification itself encompasses 600 hours including 120 hours in an authorized CDA course and 480 hours of work experience with young children.

Lead Teachers

All Lead teachers employed by the Academy 4 Early Achievers has an associate degree.  Studies show a positive correlation between teachers with degrees in early education and the most successful early childhood programs. 

In simple terms, children in such a program tend to do better in school.

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